About Us

Founded in 2007, Jazinga was formed by a group of Internet and telephony veterans and entrepreneurs who believed that traditional telephony systems needed to join the 21st century. Telephone system features such as auto-attendants, extension to extension calling, remote office integration and voicemail to email capability has been reserved for large organizations with the financial and technical resource to implement and manage them. The “Voice 2.0″ wave has started and Jazinga is leveraging the integration of voice and data to bring advanced Internet and telephony functionality to the small business market by delivering the following:


Ease-of-use is an easy term to throw around but when it comes to the complexities of telephony, it is difficult to accomplish, at least as Jazinga defines it. When we say easy-to-use we don’t mean that it is easy for a highly trained and expensive telephony technician to work with. We mean it is easy for anyone, even the small business owner, to install and maintain.

Works Anywhere

Jazinga understands that small business employees work from home, in their car, from hotel rooms, from pretty much anywhere as well as from their offices. Integrating mobile phones, smart phones, remote VoIP phones and soft phones that enable employees to use their computers as phones is no longer a nice feature to have but a necessity. Jazinga supports all of these phone types ensuring that small businesses can work wherever they are able to get an internet or mobile phone connection. Jazinga users do not need to buy an office desk phone for all of their employees, minimizing costs. Employees using smartphones or soft phones can make calls from wherever they are to anywhere in the world using the Internet and VoIP services on their Jazinga system to avoid roaming charges and traditional mobile international calling rates.

Desk phones configured to work with Jazinga phone systems can be moved to any location that has Internet access. Just plug the phone into the Internet connection in a home office, remote office or even a hotel room and the phone will operate just as if it was in the office. Employees can make extension to extension calls as if they were across the hall from each other or make and receive phone calls just as they would if they were working from the office.


Jazinga Phone systems are designed and built to be easy and inexpensive to acquire, install and manage. The system can be acquired as an inexpensive network device or downloaded for free for a limited number of users. Adding more users requires a minimal monthly or one-time fee per user. The cost to the small business is extremely low to get started and only grows incrementally as the small business grows.

Jazinga is a venture capital backed company with its primary funding coming from Brightspark Ventures.