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Jazinga Cloud Updates for November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013 at 1:05 pm

On November 11, 2013, Jazinga Cloud services will be updated. The following changes are included in this release:

  • People:
    • Help text is now displayed for the phone selector on the People page
    • The dialog the is displayed when no phones are available is now styled the same way as other site dialogs
    • The process for creating and deleting a person has been clarified to ensure an administrator knows that publishing must occur before an account is active or completely removed
  • Teams:
    • External phones that are added directly to teams will now ring when the team is called
  • Phones:
    • SPA-3102 analog phone/phone line adapters are now supported again
  • Phone Services:
    • Table row colours on the main Phone Services are now alternated, instead of the entire table being grey
  • Troubleshoot
    • Tests:
      • Fixes SIP ALG tests that were failing when SIP ALG was not present on customer routers
  • General:
    • Various server-side fixes for cloud environment deployment
    • Server environments upgraded to latest framework versions

Jazinga Cloud Updates for October 17, 2013

October 17, 2013 at 12:14 pm

On October 17, 2013, Jazinga Cloud services will be updated. The following changes are included in this release:

  • People:
    • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused a person’s email address to remain in the Jazinga Cloud system after their account was deleted. This prevent the person from being re-added at a later date.
    • Emailed voicemail attachments now play correctly in the iOS Gmail app.
    • Emailed voicemails now come from “Jazinga Phone System” instead of the name of the server that sent them.
    • Fixed a bug that caused record and playback buttons to be hidden when using Mozilla Firefox.
    • A person who attempts to record their outgoing voicemail message when they have no valid or no online phones now receives a warning that this is the case.
    • Phone selector is now ordered by Person, then by Team.
  • Phones:
    • Yealink W52 DECT phones are now supported for auto-provisioning.
    • WebRTC phones are now supported.
    • Polycom firmwares above 3.3.0 are now supported.
  • Phone Services:
    • “Incoming calls go to…” dropdown is now ordered by Person, then Team, then App.
  • Apps:
    • Auto Attendant:
      • Polished interface for uploading or recording the audio played by the auto attendant.
  • Billing:
    • Default/free plan licenses have been updated to match advertised licensing.
    • Purchase Licenses
      • Fixed a bug that caused an inability to publish if permanent licenses were purchased using invalid credit card information.
  • Publish:
    • The “Unpublished Changes” fold-out will now show you unpublished changes on the Publish screen without redirecting to the Change History screen.
  • Troubleshoot
    • Tests:
      • Polished alignment of text and test status indicators.
      • Removed “The system passed setup tests” from unpublished changes screen, as there is nothing to discard.
      • Fix a bug that caused the SIP ALG test to fail when ALG was not detected.
  • Mobile Applications and Softphones:
    • iOS:
      • iOS app will now ring when an incoming call is received while the app is running in the background.
      • iOS app now uses alternate methods to uniquely identify a device (as Apple has removed the ability to use the MAC address as an identifier).
      • Pressing the “Call” button when nothing has been dialed will now redial the last called number.
  • Appliance Software:
    • Many improvements to automatic router configuration. Jazinga appliances are now able to configure multiple levels of networking (if multiple routers are in place), and re-configure a router if the router is rebooted.
    • Automatically configured router options are now identified as having been made by Jazinga.
    • Router configurator no longer blocks the appliance from running other tests while router configuration is being run.
    • Reduced memory usage of appliance.
  • Admin and VAR Portal:
    • The “Enroll” link is now present for systems after they are factory reset.
  • General:
    • Jazinga cloud is no longer in a beta release. The product is now generally available.
    • The setup wizard is now linear, and allows an administrator to return to the last step they were on if they navigate away from the wizard.
    • Administrators using older/unsupported browsers are now warned at login.

Jazinga Cloud Updates for August 9, 2013

August 9, 2013 at 3:42 pm

On August 9, 2013, Jazinga Cloud services will be updated. The following changes are included in this release:

  • People:
    • Added hover/help text to the star that denotes administrators
  • Phones:
    • Moved Display Tag and  Assigned To columns to be listed first and second on the the Phones tab
    • Fixed a bug that could cause two phones to be assigned the same tag number if the phones requested a tag at nearly the same moment
    • Added automatic provisioning ability for Yealink W52P DECT phone
  • Phone Services:
    • Call History:
      • Call History tab has been moved under Phone Services
  • Billing:
    • Updated wording of credit card expiration date warning messages
    • Added validation of credit card numbers before submitted the card number for processing
  • Troubleshoot
    • New Troubleshoot tab added. This tab can be used to show any warnings or errors that have been detected on your Phone System.
    • Tests:
      • New Tests tab added. This tab can be used to ensure that VoIP traffic can be sent and received to and from your appliance.
      • Enabled multiple instances of the SIP ALG test to run at the same time (previously, running multiple SIP ALG tests at the same time would cause one of the tests to pause and wait for the first test to finish)
      • Fixed a bug that would cause the Remote Phones test to report that the test could not be run, when the test had in fact failed
      • Added a timeout to the SIP ALG test, to prevent it from hanging forever in the event of errors
  • Mobile Applications and Softphones:
    • iOS:
      • Added groundwork for iOS7 support
  • Appliance Software:
    • Updated Asterisk VoIP engine to version 11.5
    • Major overhaul of automatic network configuration system. The Phone System can now automatically configure many more network types automatically, including networks where there are multiple routers present. 
  • Admin and VAR Portal:
    • VAR and reseller branding is now enabled by default
    • Removed password field on the page where new VAR Administrators are created (a link is now emailed to the new VAR Admin which allows them to set their own password)
    • VAR Admins are now returned to the Billing History page after adding a billing address (previously they were incorrectly returned to the Payments page)
    • Fixed whitespace which showed up between the header and menu on some VAR pages
  • General:
    • Fixed bug that caused setup wizard’s Next button to trigger a warning about saving unsaved changes (even though clicking this button would save the changes automatically)
    • Fixed a bug that caused the the last step of the setup wizard to remain in an “incomplete” status forever on certain systems
    • Updated email templates for welcome, password reset, and unfinished setup steps messages
    • Updated Jazinga cloud services to send emails from This address is monitored, and emails sent to it will automatically create support tickets.
    • Added the Tests tab to the enrollment process for new Phone Systems. New systems will automatically run tests to check if any network changes need to be made the first time the system is set up. 
    • Added the ability for Administrators to return to the Terms of Service page by clicking the Terms of Service link at the bottom of the navigation menu

Jazinga Cloud Updates for June 14, 2013

June 14, 2013 at 5:02 pm

On June 14, 2013, Jazinga Cloud services will be updated. The following changes are included in this release:

  • Phones:
    • Updates Polycom provisioning to ensure that Polycom phones will only register to a single server. This fixes a bug where certain network configurations would allow a Polycom phone to register through both the local IP and the public IP of the appliance, which caused the phone to stop working.
    • Router Test:
      • Updated text on SIP ALG tester to ensure that it is clear when this test has succeeded and when it has failed
  • Phone Services:
    • Added groundwork for automatic purchase and configuration of phone numbers from partner phone service providers directly within the Jazinga product for use in a future release
  • Billing:
    • Added validation of credit card expiry fields, to ensure card information is not accepted if the card has already expired
    • Updated billing forms to remove secondary address field and allow multi-line addresses in the primary address field
    • Added Installation identifier to invoices for one-time permanent user license purchases
    • Billing system has been entirely rewritten. One-time purchases of permanent user licenses can now be made within the product directly. After adding users beyond an Installation’s existing license count, the administrator will be prompted for which type of license they would like to use during publishing.
  • Publish:
    • Updated progress messages to be less technical
    • Added configuration validation prior to publishing. This will allow an administrator to see if any changes they have made will adversely affect the system before changes are published. For example, deleting the only member of a team leaves the team empty, and calls directed to the team will go nowhere. Administrators would be warned of this problem before they publish.
    • Fixed a bug that caused welcome emails to fail to send in some cases
  • Appliance Software:
    • Updates to VoIP engine configuration files to allow faster load times after publishing and faster call processing times
  • Admin and VAR Portal:
    • Updated naming scheme for resellers and their child resellers:
      • Root resellers are now “VARs”
      • Companies that resell products through a VAR are “Resellers”
      • Associates are now “VAR Administrators”
      • Admin associates are now “VAR Managers”
    • Removed Enroll link for systems that are already configured.
    • Added quick links for customer billing and VAR billing
    • Added groundwork to allow for appliance logs to be seen directly from within the web interface in a future release
    • New Feature: Added the ability for VARs and their resellers to set colour schemes for all managed Installations
    • Moved distributor and reseller list to single “My Information” tab for VARs
    • Added pop-up notification confirmations for creation, updates, and deletions of VAR Administrators/Managers
    • Updated header display to show VAR name on all VAR pages, and custom Installation name (if set) when a VAR is administering an Installation
    • Changed “VPN IP” column header to “WAN IP”
  • General:
    • Clarified wording on Terms of Service page to ensure optional fields were clearly marked
    • Added feature to watch for changes to a from and warn an administrator if they try to leave a page without having saved their changes