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General Documentation

Document Description
Quick Setup Guide A short document to get you up and running with Jazinga Cloud. The quick start guide will walk through connecting Jazinga Cloud to your network, setting up extensions, and configuring phone services.
Full User Manual The full user manual for Jazinga Cloud. This guide contains information on physical network connections, how to use each feature and function of Jazinga Cloud, and troubleshooting problems that you may encounter.
User Portal User Manual A user manual for the Jazinga Cloud user portal. This user manual is for non-administrative users who have extensions on Jazinga Cloud phone systems.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Jazinga Cloud. Jazinga uses community-based support site Get Satisfaction where anyone can post questions, problems, and improvement ideas. Use the Search Topics box in the top right corner of the site to search for your question, or post a new one if your question is not listed.
Supported Phones A description of all types of phones that are compatible with Jazinga Cloud. This document contains a list of all makes and models of VoIP desk phones that will work with Jazinga Cloud, as well as information on which models will be auto provisioned.
Cisco / Linksys SPA-3102 Provisioning Guide An administrative guide for provisioning a Cisco / Linksys SPA-3102 analog telephony adapter (ATA) to work with Jazinga Cloud.


Reseller Documentation

Document Description
Purchasing Permanent User Licenses A guide that walks through the process of purchasing permanent user licenses from the reseller portal.